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Our Story

Brentwood Multiservices Global Limited is a registered company licensed to provide Lottery and online gaming services in Nigeria and African region. Green Lotto is a product of Brentwood, created to give back to the society through daily winnings and one weekly jackpot, to people of all demographic above 18yrs. Green Lotto provides POS and associated materials to agents who are registered attendants to control and manage the POS and app directly, print tickets for customers and pay cash to winners.


To link hope with success for all Nigerians through Africa’s gaming industry, by laying the foundations of a basic infrastructure, fostering demand through sensitization to the desired target markets and providing high-quality outlets for clients to enjoy gaming.


To emerge as the leading African brand in the lottery/gaming industry.


Establish the National Lottery in Nigeria with a state of the art infrastructure Setup a credible and transparent lottery operation

  • * Brand Points
  • * Credibility
  • * Legitimate
  • * Corporate
  • * Socially Conscious